Each week, evil mad scientist Dr. Pinkerton traps a different band in his booby-trapped Secret Lab.

The band must win their release by playing music for their freedom - or DIE!

This show is a competition for points - the band vs. the Secret Lab.

A music video by the band is shown, then the band plays two sets of 15 minutes of original music, followed by their best song
Points are scored as a result of viewers donating PayPal dollars to either the band or the lab. (Each dollar = 1 point)

Points for each side are displayed continuously at the top of the screen during the show.

Whoever has the most points at the end of the hour is declared the winner.

In between musical sets, audience questions are fielded by the band, with challenges for bonus points.

If the band wins, they are awarded a diploma and are allowed to escape.

If the Secret Lab wins, Dr. Pinkerton destroys the band in some horrible and imaginative manner!

(to date, Dr. Pinkerton won only 5% of the shows...)

if a band's score is over 300, they are allowed to extend their play with an encore following the show.
Playing of cover songs is allowed during the bonus round.

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