70 minute CD - Stereo - November 2000

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"The Consortium Of Genius are just that - genius! Their talent, with both music and comedy is second to none. Their record is a 70 minute epic of 100% entertaining musical styles, parodies and comedy with enough quirky sci-fi eccentricity to leave you delighted and wanting more! You owe it to yourself to own this record because you will really like it, nay - Love it; because it is so unique. ‘Free Brains & Dead Bodies’ is definitely an album offering not only an empowering host of songs and comic intricacies but also a strong set of well arranged material - that offers something for everyone. " - Liam Thomson, S.O.E.


Thrill to the heavy beats and multi-stylistic attack of the greatest rock band in the history of science.  Starring Dr. Pinkerton, Dr. A Pentatonic, and Filbert Snodgrass (junior scientist in training), this amazing album lets you learn of life in the lab, while lecturing you on the intricasies of brain freezing, electrostatic deity incarceration, and onanistic substitutionary recreational procreational prototyping!  Cameos by The Krazed Archer, Android Woman, and The Angel of Death.
Cover art by Paul Trauth and Lewis D'Aubin.

Track listing:
1. A Word From Dr. Pinkerton
2. Bow 2 Me
3. Cryonics Chamber
4. I Scream
5. Brain Wrap
6. Breakfast At Pinkerton's
7. M.I.L.K.
8. Brunch At Pinkerton's
9. So Confuse
10. Great God in a Box
11. It's Morally Wrong
12. What a Doll
13. Android Woman
14. That's No Way to Treat An Android
15. All I Wanna Do Is You
16. Enter the Archer
17. Black Plague
18. Partying With Pentatonic
19. Science Party
20. Unoriginal Gangster
21. Death to the Angel of Death
22. The C.O.G. Neck-protect 2000
23. Bite Me
24. Secret Forwards Message
25. March of the Skeletons
26. The End of Science As We Know It
27. Secret Backwards Message
28. You're Still Listening?


(c) 2000 by Lewis D'Aubin

Three years in the making, this entirely handmade album was produced, recorded, mastered, and duplicated (!) by the band at C.O.G.'s own studio / rehearsal lab in Kenner, Louisiana.  An entirely digital hard disk recording, it was made using Cakewalk 7 and Cooledit 95, with sound cards by Turtle Beach and Midiman.  During tracking, we used an analog Mackie mixer, and mics by ElectroVoice, AKG, and Shure.  At the time we had to print effect tracks, so simultaneous track count got as high as 40 on two songs (see if you can hear which ones we got most carried away on.)  The band underwent a personnel change during production of this album, and guest musicians were once again recruited to cameo on several cuts.  Once the album was finished, we took two months to record and mix the sketches, which were representative of the comedy material we were presenting onstage at the time.

Although the band has since advanced in technological expertise and musical ability, we are still quite proud of this funny and great-sounding album.