64 minute CD - Stereo - released November 2004

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"Thanks for...the C.O.G. CD. It's Awesome!! And well worth the wait!" - Paul Tassen
"LOVE the new disc!" - George "Loki" Williams
"I listed to "In COG We Trust" last night.. you all HAVE to get this CD. :)" - Crystal Guillory

"a work of legendary genius" - J.C. Patterson, Jackson Free Press
"sounds impeccable" - Robert Fontenot, Offbeat
"an epic work" - Keith Spera, Lagniappe
"Dear. Elvis. Almighty." - Paul T. Riddell


The lab adventures continue with this monsteripiece of musical anarchy!
Starring Dr. Pinkerton, Dr. A Pentatonic, and Dr. Z, this album supplies 24 tracks of slammin' sonic science, served up straight-faced with a side order of silly sketches!
Includes 12 page lyric booklet and a SECRET HIDDEN MESSAGE
Front cover art by Egypt Urnash / back cover art by Liz Streckfus, Roland Paris, and Jim Fairchild

Special Musical Guest Stars (in order of appearance):
Chris Flattmann (Devil Dust) - guitar solo on 'I Have the Power'
Roddy Ory (Edge of Fear) - drums on 'I Have the Power'
Jason Calderera (Focus 21) - drums on 'Destroy Old Things'
Emkay Anderson - piano on 'Reach Out and Touch the Hand'
Antarctica vs. the World - gang vocals on 'Yer Dawg Iz Ded'
Beth Patterson - banjo and all female vocals on 'Showerhead'
Roddy Ory (Edge of Fear) - drums on 'Showerhead'
Ross Karpelman (Clearlight) - B3 organ on 'Born in the South'
Misty Marshall (Misty Moon) - all female vocals on 'Born in the South'
Mike Martin (Devil Dust) - drums on 'Born in the South'
Beth Patterson - tambora, shruti box, and backing vocals on 'Funky Fresh'
Rick Naqvi (Zaemon) - electric sitar on 'Funky Fresh'
Ron Keller (Kalafka) - organ solo, harmonica on 'Funky Fresh'
Sean Yseult (Rock City Morgue) - bass on 'Bucket of Blood'
Billy Bones (Antarctica vs. the World) - drums on 'Bucket of Blood'
Eric Beletto (Egg Yolk Jubilee) - trumpet on 'Bucket of Blood'
Chad Gould (Boney Fiend) - keyboards on 'Just a Drumbot'

Track listing:
1. I Have the Power
2. a temporary loss of power
3. LoBoToMy
4. Destroy Old Things
5. all hands report to the lab
6. Reach Out and Touch the Hand
7. Placebo!
8. Chati Che Cow (Show ‘em To Me Now)
9. radiosonic ruckus
10. Why Do We Do It
11. Dance or Die
12. dogmatic deliberations
13. Yer Dawg Iz Ded
14. the cowboys of genius
15. (I'm Not Jealous of the) Showerhead
16. runaway rednecks
17. Born in the South
18. desert dalliances
19. Funky Fresh
20. hi-tech piracy
21. Bucket of Blood
22. drumbot embarks upon a very short solo career
23. Just a Drumbot
24. drumbiotic denouement


(c) 2004 by Lewis D'Aubin

Four years in the making, this once again hand-made album was produced, recorded, and mastered by the band at C.O.G.'s own studio / rehearsal lab in Harahan, Louisiana.  A hard disk recording, it was made using Cakewalk 9 and Cooledit 95, with sound cards by Lexicon and Creative Labs.  During tracking, we used an analog Mackie mixer, and mics by ElectroVoice, AKG, and Shure.  Using Cakewalk 9's inline FX processing, we were able to keep the track count below 35 (see if you can hear which ones we got most carried away on.)  Guest musicians were once again recruited to star on several cuts.  Once the music was finished, we took two months to record and mix the sketches, which were representative of the comedy material we were presenting onstage at the time.

This album is a sonic marvel. The C.O.G. has never sounded better.