Angee of Death
(c) 2013 by Billy Riecke
Released 5-13-15 on The Fump

We met outside the old folks home
On Sunday afternoon
I was walking my dog, she was waiting for the lady
to pass away in 302

I smiled at her,
She waved her hand, and it took away my breath
That's when I fell for my Angee of Death

Now we're talking long walks to all her old haunts
The morgues and cemeteries
I buy a paper, she read the comics but laughs at obituaries

We never fuss and we never fight,
And we're reaping our brains out almost every night
It's you and me, my Angee of Death

She's not allowed on hallowed soil
But she sure can shuffle my mortal coil
My deadly darling, my Angee of Death

guitar solo

My friends tell me that I must be dense
Yeah, I know it makes no earthly sense
I just found out her B-F-F is
Pes Ti Lence

She drives a tricked out hearse that they say is cursed
And she celebrates her birthday on November 1st
Dia del muerte por my Angee of Death

She wears a long black dress, kicks ass at chess
And she frightens me a little I must confess
My dark little princess, my Angee of Death

sax solo

My friends all say that it's all a trap
And I'm one date away from a long dirt nap
My Angee - my Angee of Death
My Angee - my Angee of Death

Billy had been talking about a new Billy Joel style pop tune for a while, and he delivered with 'Angee of Death'... the lyrical inspiration for this tune was a grafitti'd name that Billy photographed at a Metairie snoball stand, and it just grew from there.
As usual, the song started out longer and had to be edited to get it to the perfect pop length.

Recording this was pretty routine, with Billy laying down the keys on his Juno G synth and Chris recording his guitars through his Fender Deluxe. I called Marc from Steamcog (and Chris Lenox's 'Psychedelic Winter' project) to come in and contribute the coup de grace saxophone parts at the last minute, just days before the song was released. Nice!

Lead vocals......Billy Riecke
Guitars..........Chris Lenox
Bass.............Jim Fairchild
Piano and synths.Billy Riecke
Backing vocals...Beth Patterson
Saxophone........Marc Linam
Recorded and mixed April 2014 at C.O.G. Secret Lab, Harahan LA