Too Many Atoms
(c) 2008 by Ed Merilh, Jim Fairchild, and Lewis D'Aubin

Too Many Atoms mp3

Filbert! There are over 10
Too many atoms in this formula
Filbert! Must I say it again?
Too many atoms in this formula
But it will never be perfect

Rachnid! There are over 5
Too many atoms in this formula
Rachnid! Why are you still alive?
Too many atoms in this formula
But it will never be perfect

Perhaps it's all for nothing
This work I do so well
Am I to be condemned to live
In my own private hell
Of seeking for a breakthrough
That's just beyond my reach
But first I'll just try one last time
To practice what I preach

I need to reach this lofty goal
Just to live with myself
I need the perfect formula
You can't find on a shelf
I'll make it so reality
Cannot bear to resist
To hell with practicality
I will it to exist!

Dr. Z there are over 3
Too many atoms in this formula
Dr. Z, are you listening to me?
Too many atoms in this formula
But it will never be perfect

Formelda! There is only 1
Too many atoms in this formula
Sister! Don't you see what you've done?
Too many atoms in this formula
But it will never be perfect

Wait now... could it be?
Dare I say what I see?
At last I grasp the formula
That long eluded me
I now propose a toast
To he who has the most
Intelligence and mental sense
Please listen while I boast...

It burns!
It burns!
It burns!
It burns!
Why me? Why any one of us?
Why me? Look what you've done to us!
Why me? You brought it on yourself
I can't see! You ruined your own health

Generally when I write music, the words and notes show up about the same time... but this one's genesis was a little different. By June 2008, I had come up with a number of things for the new CD, and then the structure and conceit of this song hit me, so as usual I sat down to make a demo. This was going to be a techno-metal styled thing so I programmed the drums on a keyboard instead of on the drum pads. Wishing to get a little more group collaboration going, I purposefully AVOIDED writing any music; instead I programmed a beat and just shouted the lyrics I had written. So when my colleagues showed up next rehearsal and asked what I'd been working on, I played them this and asked them to come up with the music, and boy did they oblige!

The guitars and bass were written very quickly in an evening, with the pieces being recorded on the show computer in no particular order. By the next rehearsal, I had cut the pieces into submission, and we were playing it onstage just a month later. Little touches here and there have made their mark on the song, but it's essentially the same as the demo - a very quick birth for a C.O.G. song indeed!

Guitars................Ed Merilh
Lead vocals............Lewis D'Aubin
Bass...................Jim Fairchild
Theremin...............Lewis D'Aubin
Backing vocals.........Lewis D'Aubin, Ed Merilh, Jim Fairchild, Tiffany Pollack
Recorded and mixed Summer 2010 at C.O.G. Secret Lab, New Orleans LA