Bikeman (Suite)
(c) 2011 by Joe Panno, Dreux Blalock and Lewis D'Aubin

Bikeman! Bikeman!
He only rides a bike so he doesn't burn fuel
He knows what he likes, doesn't care if it's cool
The bike never breaks so he doesn't need tools



He's got a couple friends in his own biking gang
A science fiction con's where he wants to hang
He's a rebel on three wheels and he don't give a dang

Whoa... who is she?

You're pedaling by when she caught your eye
You didn't want to slow down
You don't want to walk, you'll just stop and talk
A moment of time flies by
Forget why you're here, it isn't real clear
She's all that you see and hear
It's her that you like, forget your old bike, I...

Forget your bike? No, Bikeman, SHE'S TAKING YOUR BIKE, MAN!

--- Interstitial ---

If you believe in yourself - bikeman
Like your friends believe in you - bikeman
No matter where the road may go - bikeman
There's nothing you can't do - bikeman

You can do it - you can get back up
You can do it - watch out for that truck
You can do it - it's gonna be OK
You can do it - you can bike to L.A.
You can do it - we have faith in you
You can do it - we've got our bikes too
You can do it - you're gonna get there soon
You can do it - you can ride to the moon
You can do it - we have faith in you
You can do it - we know what you can do
You can do it - so take the handlebar
You can do it - aim for the nearest star
You can do it - set a course for adventure
You can do it - never stop until they fit you with dentures
You can do it - the pavement is your friend
You can do it - the journey never ends
We believe in you, Bikeman...

Bikeman. The man... the myth... the legend. His exploits have been celebrated in poetry, art, and by internet, and now his storied exploits are poised to become the topic of a major motion picture. How could the mighty Consortium of Genius resist composing an epic three-part two-and-a-half-minute suite of music glorifying this great hero?

Guitars.........Joe Panno
Bass............Dreux Blalock
Synthesizer.....Billy Riecke
Trumpet.........Farrar Hudkins Lead vocal......Lewis D'Aubin
Backing vocals..Lewis D'Aubin, Barbie Cure
Recorded and mixed July 2011 at C.O.G. Secret Lab, Harahan LA