She Blinded Me With Science
(c) 1982 by Thomas Morgan 'Dolby' Robertson

It's poetry in motion
She turned her tender eyes to me
As deep as any ocean
And as sweet as any harmony
Mm, but she blinded me with science
And failed me in biology, yeah

When I'm dancing close to her
"Blinding me with science, science!"
I can smell the chemicals
"Blinding me with science, science!"

It's poetry in motion
And now she's making love to me
The spheres are in commotion
The elements in harmony
She blinded me with science
"She blinded me with science!"
Just hit me with technology

I don't believe it!
There she goes again!
She's tidied up and I can't find anything
All my synths and samples
And CPU's
And antiquated notions

But - the sounds spread out in motion
Distilled in our laboratory
Like atoms in the ocean
Or the gears in the machinery
Which we use to deafen you with science
And blind you with technology

When you dance in front of me
"Blinding me with science, science!"
I see physiology

You came here for the music
And stayed for the technology
And then we took our Sonic Mind Probe
And gave you a lobotomy
And then we'll go and deafen you with science
And blinded you with...
And blinded you with...
Shock the monkey to life!

While on the run-up to our 2003 album, 'In COG We Trust', the idea was bandied about of attempting a cover of an old novelty hit, perhaps similar to what the group 'Alien Ant Farm' were enjoying on the charts at the time with their amped up cover of Michael Jackson's 'Smooth Criminal'. We naievely thought that if we did a good enough job, deejays would have no CHOICE but to play our music... right?! LOL!

We picked Thomas Dolby's twenty year old hit 'She Blinded Me With Science', which was all the rage back when I was in high school, and set about rocking it out. Jeff King arranged most of it, with me providing drum programming and as many musical callbacks to other obscure English pop songs as I could think of (the one at the end is blatant, but can you identify the other four?)

Production on this was rather straightforward, with Jeff contributing guitars recorded at home through his POD XT as well as vocoder sounds through a plugin. Bass was handled direct from Jim's J-Station, and I finished it off with a rather nice mix if I may say so myself!

When we started looking into the legal technicalities of releasing this song on our upcoming CD, we very quickly realized that it would cause more trouble than benefit, and we very quickly dropped it from the tracklist and decided to release it later...

The best anecdote about this recording came a couple years later when a fan wrote in that he had passed out and woken up in the back of an ambulance. Upon regaining consciousness, he reports that the ambulance driver looked back at him with a fiendish grin and proceeded to crank this recording up on the meat-wagon's sound system... at which point he almost had a coronary, with the sudden suspicion that perhaps he'd just been abducted by the C.O.G.!

Guitars.........Jeff King
Bass............Jim Fairchild
Synthesizer.....Lewis D'Aubin
Lead vocal......Lewis D'Aubin
Backing vocals..Lewis D'Aubin, Jeff King
Recorded and mixed 2002 at C.O.G. Secret Lab, Harahan LA