March of the Skaletons
(c) 2006 by Kirk Madison and Lewis D'Aubin

The skaletons march in
The evil one approaches
Everyone has sinned
The evil one is laughing

He sees them all and they cover their eyes
He starts to laugh and they gape in surprise (pick it up, pick it up!)
He mows them down with a beam from his mind
And peels their skins like a fruit from the rind

The dead ones march around
Their ranks are closing in
They march without a sound
The rank, decaying grin

He makes them do unthinkable things
They are the pawns and he's their evil king (pick it up, pick it up!)
He steals a car and commands them to drive
He pulls the strings and they dance as if alive

"Have you the courage to dance before the Evil One?

Skeletons... Skank!

The skeletons march out
You're left here on your own
The battle was a rout
You're now a pile of bones - go home!

Look at your leg, there's a femur instead
Look at your arm, then you grope for your head (pick it up, pick it up!)
There's just a skull where your face used to be
You yell at them, hey wait up for me!

Since 2004 or so, we've been serving up our old favorite "March of the Skeletons" in a much more uptempo SKA variant, which eventually was recorded for the '10th Anniversary Compilation' released in 2006.

Drums were recorded by Lewis, bass was recorded by Jim on his Purple Heart bass through the J-Station, via optical SPDIF. Guitar was recorded by Ed on his Stratocaster through the Line6 POD XT. Pretty straightforward! After the guitar session, Ed broke out his trumpet and blew us all away, coming up with some strong lines and harmony parts.

Guitars..........Ed Merilh
Bass.............Jim Fairchild
Trumpet..........Ed Merilh
Tuba & Baritone..Glenn Barbarot
Trombone.........Farrar Hudknis
Lead vocal.......Lewis D'Aubin
Backing vocals...Lewis D'Aubin & Jim Fairchild
Recorded and mixed Summer 2006 at C.O.G. Secret Lab, Harahan LA