All I Wanna Do Is You
(c) 1997 by Lewis D'Aubin


It comes along just maybe once in your life
There's a time when there is nothing to do
Try to believe it are you close enough to feel it
When all you wanna do is screw
Let's get down to it cause I really wanna do it
I really wanna nail it through
All I am saying in these words that I'm conveying
Is all I wanna do is you

All I wanna do All I wanna do
All I wanna do is you
All I wanna do All I wanna do
All I wanna do is you

Whisper to breathe it say the word and I'll believe it
There's nothing you would rather do
That special feeling baby on your knees you're kneeling
And only I can give it to you
Our bodies pressing pretty soon you'll be undressing
Like an animal right outta the zoo
Mystic connection like a man in an election
Cause all I wanna do is you

All I wanna do All I wanna do
All I wanna do is you
All I wanna do All I wanna do
All I wanna do is you

guy: I heard it in your heart...
girl: and you felt it in my soul
guy: I prayed to the goddess of rock and roll!
girl: You're the only one with whom I wanna lose control
both: It's true... when I'm doin' you...

And in the morning when your form you'll be adorning
With finest silken robes of blue
It's your conclusion, it was only an illusion
A memory you'll never rue
My letter clutching it's yourself you will be touching
It's the only thing remaining to do
Just like I told ya there'll be someone else to hold ya
When another band rocks into your view

And all they'll wanna do All they'll wanna do
All they'll wanna do is you
All they'll wanna do All they'll wanna do
All they'll wanna dooooooooo...
is you

This meaty loaf of music began as a two-minute long joke with two verses, two choruses, and the sound of a bulky, beyond-earnest ballad-belter being bludgeoned by his own piano!

(Un)fortunately the joke had a lot more longevity than that, and once I festooned it with a disco bridge, it was time to upholster it into something big and bad. I started by calling in Robert Fontenot, himself a closet Meatloaf afficionado. Rob laid down a wonderful grand piano on my trusty, rusty old Ensoniq ESQ-1. Then, Chris and I put down LOTS of backup vocals. I really had to strain to perfect the more intricate background harmonies. I also put down a guide track for the female lead vocal.

Finding the right singer for the female part was trouble. I auditioned three people before finding future American Idol contestant Misty Marshall. Unlike the previous attempts, her parts went down like lightning - she's a complete pro - and she stayed another hour in the studio, laying down additional harmonies all over the song.

Guitar and bass were tracked conventionally, guitar through the Marshall setup we had in place from 'Android Woman', and bass through a Hartke cabinet. We had a bit of fun coming up with the 'Queen' harmonized mini-lead at the end of the bridge.

The last layer of cheese came courtesy of some of the 'Gene Simmons' impersonations that Chris had done for 'Android Woman' earlier in the week. Somehow, I suddenly realized how funny it would be to have some of those bits on the disco bridge of this song. I pictured a disoriented Gene Simmons wandering into the studio in 1978 and yelling out his strangely misguided appreciation for this horrible disco tainted monsterpiece.

While this number is a LOT easier to sing now than it was back when it was new, it's still fun to occasionally pull out the slapstick ending during a live performance, batting me upside the head to end the song before the last note!

Guitars.........Jeff King
Bass............Chris Flattmann
Piano...........Rob Fontenot
Lead vocal......Lewis D'Aubin
Backing vocals..Misty Marshall, Chris Flattmann
Recorded and mixed 2000 at C.O.G. Secret Lab, Kenner LA