These folks have been known to appear with the Confabulation from TIME to TIME:

Sgt. Shellshock
The enforcer in Pinkerton's retinue, this army veteran brings to bear force of arms AND banjo strings.
Jenavieve Kachmarik
Not much is known about Jenavieve apart from her toughness and trumpet skills.
Artimus d'Ossche'
is the scion of Alain d'Ossche', a 19th century cutter captain, who shipped Louisiana molasses to the West Indies, returning with shiploads of West Indian rum. Alain supplied his rum to Storyville speakeasies where he entertained clientele by playing harmonica and banjo, oftentimes with young Artimus in tow. It was in the Storyville bordellos where Aritmus was first exposed to the pulsating bass of Dixieland tuba players, who took him under their wing and taught him their art and trade, which he carries forth to this day.
Lady Ophelia Squeezebox
Expelled from the western frontier for unspeakable behavior not befitting a lady, this "Empress of Texas" travels around the world by hook and by crook playing her accordion and trumpet.
Dr. Stanley Beauregard Hays
was profiting quite handily treating Charles Bolden at the Asylum in Jackson, Louisiana for his ailments and excessive alcoholism, but soon picked up on his patient's schizophrenic and syncopathic style of music and was so intrigued by his lurid tales of women gyrating to a hypnotic juxtapositions of both time and pitch that he quit the practice of medicine in order to pursue more prurient interests in the red light 'jass' district of New Orleans.
Crackers McGee
On trumpet and guitar alike, this fresh-faced lad is quick with a cutting lick.
Ignatius Mathdeekus
A seasoned riverboat captain whose slight drinking habit forced off the ships and onto the streets and brothels of New Orleans to make his way as a bull fiddler. Pilot of the Universitas Victum.
Roughhouse Steamblower
Expert steamfitter and tuba player, Roughhouse doesn't hesitate to get his hands dirty in the service of his valiant crew.
Rene Constantine Structione
Stalwart bodyguard for Prof. Pinkerton, native of Orleans, France, and supplier of deep bass rhythms with the upright stringed bass.
Velma Quinn
Her sultry voice and sophisticated motions caused even the most virile members of the audience to turn to putty in her hands.
Col. Edwin F. Turnipseed
Plantation owner hailing from Tennessee, and scholar of the Spanish guitar.
'Spicey' McLummox
Proud Scotch highlander and commander of the mandolin. Quick with both the razor sharp quip AND the not-so-sharp shillelagh!
Salyavin Chronotis
Englishman by birth, master flugelhorn player by legendary repute.
Michael Beaulton
Inventor of the world's first steam-powered Melodica.
Tsura Muridae
A gypsy from the hinterlands of Europe, she contributes trombone agility to the proceedings.