Deep within their secret lair, a cabal of mad scientists and one smart-alecky robot are hatching an evil plot:

C.O.G. Presents - NINTENDO NITE, a live music/videogaming powerhouse that's fun for all ages. Nintendo Nite combines intense retrogaming competition on 24 classic arcade games with live music, specfically chosen to time out the competition bouts - fun to watch but even more fun for the competitors!

C.O.G. present a versatile repertoire of over 50 original songs, completely warping the styles of a colorful, nostalgic past including 'hair metal', 'hip-hop', 'DYOA' (dance your ass off) pop, and a touch of 'country'. Videogames are projected on the screen behind them, and the first 32 lucky audience members will spin the wheel and compete on one of 24 classic retro arcade games, timed by C.O.G.'s music. When the music starts, the game is on! When the music stops, winning players advance to the next round, until the final winner is victorious.

"The music is raucous and irreverent, and fun to listen to as the video and light show dazzles your eyez. Sexy lab assistants in short white lab coats. Science. Technology. World domination. Everything you could ever expect from the term 'rock show.' Best show ever performed in the universe." - The Charming Prince blog

The Consortium of Genius is a seven-piece multimedia powerhouse, featuring:

Dr. Milo T. Pinkerton III - vocals, joysticks
Dr. Ivan Stroganoff - synthesizers, NES
Dr. Lester McLummox - guitars, consoles
Dr. Sardonicus - guitars, cheat codes
Nurse Shark - vocals, suprise attacks
Dr. Z - bass, strategy
Drumbot - drums & 16 bitness

To book a Nintendo Nite,Contact Lewis D'Aubin

or email: for more information.

The group's website is located here:

Or write to:

P.O. Box 23471
New Orleans, LA 70123-0471

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