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Current Faculty
Geniuses-in-residence at the C.O.G. Secret Lab

Dr. Milo T. Pinkerton III
tenure: 1996-today
Specialties: EE (Evil Engineering), vocals, theremin, keyboards, guitar

Dr. Milo T. Pinkerton III is a proud graduate of Malign Master Mind University. After an evil childhood spent on a seemingly endless string of experiments on his friends, neighbors, and pets, this twisted genius decided to take over the world in the loudest manner possible. For this purpose he combed the earth* assembling around him a team of the most evil geniuses he could find. After the afore-mentioned geniuses nearly succeeded in killing poor Dr. Pinkerton, he fired them all and recruited the two guys shown below. He then constructed the C.O.G. Secret Lab, and now travels the world mangling the minds of millions with the most malignant melodies ever imagined...


Dr. Zaemon Abdul Siddartha Mohammad Achmell Tutmos Abram Ali Hermes Odin Mahatma Dahali Martin Luther Hussein Kali Rocka Babu Haegiegi III
tenure: 2001-today
Specialties: Sub-Atomic Meta-Physics, bass, vocals, xylophone

Sometimes preferring to be addressed as 'Bob', Dr. Zaemon Abdul Siddhartha Mohammad Achmell Tutmos Abram Ali Hermes Odin Mahatma Dahali Martin Luther Hussein Kali Rocka Babu Haghighi III hails from somewhere in the Mid-East, and is the C.O.G.'s resident specialist in subatomic physics, ion fusion and low frequency tone generation. He is also expert at such rarified skills as 'taxicab driver', 'haremologist' and 'convenience store clerk'. We are currently investigating alleged middle-eastern terrorist links, which could aid us greatly in TAKING OVER THE WORLD!!!

tenure: 1996-today
Specialties: Percussive Mechanical De-engineering, drums, vocals

Combining cutting-edge robotics with one of the spare backup brains of the Consortium's own Dr. Procyon Lotor, the video-droid known as Drumbot is a revolution in percussion generation technology. Drumbot routinely gets more fan mail than all of the above three scientists combined, and correspondingly carries an attitude to match.

Nurse Trixie de Havilland (Lab Girl 5)
tenure: 2008-2009, 2015-today
Specialties: Hi tech prognostication, vocals

Lab Girl Trixie entered the C.O.G. Secret Lab by bizarre coincidence on the same day that her predecessor seemingly met with a strange and untimely fate. Her clear, piercing scream and familiarity with the most cutting edge technology made her indispensible around the Lab, though her strange mannerisms and last century colloquial utterances had given several scientists a source of suspicion... until she hijacked the Time Door in a desperate attempt to complete her mission of killing Dr. Pinkerton's grandfather, thus removing the Pinkerton line from history! Fortunately for the C.O.G. however, she was unable to program the Time Door correctly and became stranded in history, only to reappear a few years later, none the worse for wear.

Dr. Ivan Stroganoff
tenure: 2010-2016
Specialties: Robotics, synthesizers, vocoder, vocals, guitar

Hailing from Siberia, Dr. Stroganoff is a specialist in robotics and bioengineering. He defected to the United States in order to work on top secret projects for the Department of Agriculture. His crowning achievement was a tree with robot arms that eliminated squirrels. He then began designing killing machines for the military, more specifically - using primates with robotic enhancements. Unfortunately, due to his increasingly erratic behavior (and budget shortfall for Cold War defense projects following Perestroika), he was terminated before he could finish the project. Dr. Stroganoff then started his own company, building doomsday machines with his prototype chimpanzee warrior, Grady, and offering state of the art destruction, at rock bottom prices. Realizing that he could buy Soviet defense technology directly instead of getting marked-up deals on it through Dr. Z, Dr. Pinkerton hired Ivan on the spot shortly afterwards. Dr. Stroganoff was dragged off to the the B&B (Barnum & Bailey) Institute in 2012, to be inducted into their "illustrious clown college" but thankfully escaped, albeit not before being modified with a bionic leg.
Late in 2015 he and Dr. Ivan Stroganoff were assigned to a C.O.G. outpost on the planet Uranus to locate the source of strange transmissions that were keeping Dr. Pinkerton awake at night...

Dr. Sardonicus
tenure: 2014-today
Specialties: Sarcasm, Wit, Dark insinuations, guitar, vocals

Dr. Sardonicus's origins are unknown and unknowable. Gifted with a shadowy insight into what most fear, his bitter insights into the mind are cutting enough to leave the strongest willed humans quivering helplessly on the ground. He also happens to play quite a mean guitar... yes his guitar has been known to steal candy from helpless children. Dr. Sardonicus had originally sold Dr. Pinkerton the parts used to build Experiment F13, and stands behind the warranty to this day.

Filbert W. Snodgrass
(Junior Scientist In Training)
tenure: 1997-2000, and sporadically thereafter
Specialty: Being a nuisance!

Filbert W. Snodgrass graduated at the top of his class from the University of Kenner. Having successfully aided Dr. Pinkerton in 1997‡ following the mysterious disappearance of Dr. Cornelius Smerlington, Filbert has loitered around the laboratory, attempting to absorb through osmosis the necessary credits to become a full fledged evil scientist. He has succeeded chiefly in knocking things over, pressing buttons labelled 'DO NOT PRESS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES' and leveraging the laws of probablility to happen to be in the way no matter what direction one is headed. To his credit, Filbert Snodgrass did (accidentally) destroy Gargleplex-5, a planet inhabited by millions of innocent people, and was subsequently abducted by aliens, who eventually tired of Filbert's monkeyshines and beamed Filbert back to the lab three years later to wreak even more havoc!

Auxiliary C.O.G. Personnel
The following individuals are on indefinite leave from the Secret Lab and may randomly reappear at any moment...

Dr. Lester A McLummox
tenure: 2010-2015
Specialties: Black Hole Physics, guitar, vocals, mandolin

Dr. McLummox was born in 1985 in the United Socialist Collectivist Commune of Filbertistan to a family of national health dentists. In 1989, the McLummox family relocated to Scotland where young Lester passed the time by exploring the country's myriad caves looking for trans-dimensional wormholes. It was in Fingal's cave that he discovered the strange mask that has been affixed to his face ever since. In 1999 McLummox began research and development on an ICBM system powered by goat intestines and peat moss. It was this research that caught the attention of Dr. Pinkerton, who proceeded to induct McLummox into the C.O.G. as an important new ally. Dr. McLummox is perhaps best known as the inventor of fish and chips flavored toothpaste, which created the startling reversal of oral hygiene in England and subsequent wave of suicides in the British Dental Association.
Late in 2015 he and Dr. Ivan Stroganoff were assigned to a C.O.G. outpost on the planet Uranus to locate the source of strange transmissions that were keeping Dr. Pinkerton awake at night...

Nurse Shark
tenure: 2014-2015
Specialties: Xenobiology, vocals, keyboards, guitar

Brought in to help combat the perceived extraterrestrial threat to the Consortium of Genius, Nurse Shark brought with her a strangely, some might even say suspiciously thorough knowledge of life on other planets and how to deal with it. However, she always maintained she was a human being, and not some nightmarish fish creature in disguise, being pursued by galactic police for unspeakable crimes against her entire home planet.

Dr. Sinistra Cerebellum
tenure: 2013-2014
Specialties: Brain surgery, vocals, guitar

A recent graduate of the Dissetorium School of Neuroscience and eager to learn about the human mind. Sinistra brought enthusiasm, cutting surgical technique, and a highly unorthodox (and quite possibly illegal) method of brain study to the C.O.G. table, shortly before mysteriously disappearing, presumably at the hands of the same extraterrestrials that had previously abducted Filbert Snodgrass.

Nurse Sybil Chandler (Lab Girl 7)
tenure: 2012-2013
Specialties: Hematology, dancing, clarinet

Nurse Sybil Chandler was our lab assistant and hematology expert, and, she assured us, was NOT a vampirate. And we believed her.

Impersario Veniamin Konstantin
tenure: 2012-2013
Specialties: Mixology, keyboards, trombone

Dr. Konstantin entrusted Dr. Stroganoff with all his remaining rubles to travel to America and compose a glorious symphony, but instead he spent the money on synthesizers (of all things!) and joined a silly Western "rock and roll music" band. His attempt to ferret Comrade Stroganoff out of the country instead resulted in his conscription into the ranks of the C.O.G.! Dr. Konstantin later fell in with Dr. Pinkerton's grandfather's ridiculous ragtime rabble...

Lab Tech Remy Dee
tenure: 2011-2013
Specialties: Mechanical Engineering, vocals, dancing

Remy Dee received her degree in mechanical engineering from the prestigious Gotham University in an attempt to create crime-fighting weaponry. Soon, her enjoyment at 'accidentally' murdering innocent (and not-so-innocent) victims put her at odds with her superhero league - The Champions of Goodness, where she served as sidekick to Rabbid-Woman. Tiring of their attitudes, she put her vigilante days behind her and joined the Consortium of Genius as a lab technician; her first job was to repair one of Drumbot's electroactive polymers, and the two became inseparable. Unfortunately, this illicit human-machine affair was curtailed by Remy's covert re-enlistment in the reformed Champions of Goodness to bring Dr. Pinkerton to justice once and for all...

Dr. Formelda-Hyde Pinkerton
tenure: 2010-2011, sporadically thereafter
Specialties: Zombie Research, vocals

Dr. Formelda-Hyde Pinkerton's life at the lab started recently when Dr. Milo T. Pinkerton III received a phone call from his grandfather, Dr. Milo T. Pinkerton I, asking him to provide some lodging for his little sister Formelda. It seems that for the seventh time in a row, her latest husband (Dr. Hyde) had just become her late husband, with his estate having been burned to the ground. Dr. Milo T. Pinkerton III resents his little sister's intrusion, especially considering she always made somewhat higher grades in EVIL than he did, COG-dammit! But he'll let this slide for a few weeks, as long as she can resist the urge to litter his lab with her zombie experiments - ARE YOU HEARING ME, FORMELDA?


Their mutual granddad meanwhile has actively encouraged Formelda to help her brother overcome his longstanding failure to uphold the family's evil name... Failure? WHAT 'failure'?

Professor S. Chronotis
tenure: 2011-2012
Specialty: Temporal Mechanics, trumpet, vocals, keyboards

Professor S. Chronotis is a mysterious character. He will tell you he was born in Aldeburgh "a long time ago," but he won't tell you when. No one knows exactly, but he seems to be between 20 and 400 years old. He studied Advanced Stoichiometry, Temporal Dynamics, and Musical Hypergraphy at the University of Northern South Dunkirk. He once let slip that he left the school in 1910, but has denied it ever since. In fact, there is no trace of the University itself. Chronotis says this is the result of "a terrible accident" involving "the quest for absolute zero at the heart of a singularity," which he has since abandoned as 'a folly of one's youth.' Over the years, Chronotis has said he helped Marconi develop the spark-gap transmitter, and played in Joseph Haydn's orchestra at Esterhazy castle, among other preposterous claims. Although he collects pensions from several different countries, Chronotis took a job with the Consortium of Genius partly because he enjoys music, but mostly to help obtain the many electronic and mechanical parts which he constantly seems to require. Prof. Chronotis hasn't been seen since taking his time machine around the corner to get "some replacement parts for its air conditioner."

Major Max D. Struction
tenure: 2010-2012
Specialties: Armaments, ordinance, martial arts, bass (upright & electric)

The enforcer and personal bodyguard to Dr. Pinkerton, Max has always been at work in front of or behind the scenes to insure that no harm comes to Dr. Pinkerton's person. (It's when you can't see Max that you should be MOST concerned for your health...) Rumors that Max is unkillable and thousands of years old have NO basis in substantiated fact...

Dr. Harry A. Rachnid
tenure: 2005-2010
Specialties: The Macabre Sciences, guitar, vocals, trumpet

Tall, dark, and creepy, Dr. A. Rachnid slunk onto the stage while the C.O.G. was auditioning new six-stringed scientists. Disposing of his predecessor, Dr. Rachnid immediately proceeded to use a crystal ball to forecast Dr. Pinkerton's DEATH! Dr. A Rachnid has been known to bring the KANDARIAN BOOK OF THE DEAD into the lavatory for some light reading! On his resume, his major is listed as 'necromantic thaumatology.' He frequently confuses astrophysics with astrology... and rumor has it that he eats bugs and spiders! Well, whatever his merits, it would seem Dr. Rachnid is one creep we'd all better keep an EYE on... Dr. Rachnid has been devoting his time to incubating an 4' spider-egg sack for the past year, and has threatened to open it on several occasions.

Experiment F13
tenure: 2011-2012
Specialties: Smashing, killing, crushing, guitar

Dr. Pinkerton constructed Experiment F13 from the remains of several living and dead guitar players in an attempt to outstrip Yngwie Flattstein's guitar speed record. Via the magic of grave robbing and illicit surgery, Experiment F13 possesses the fingers of a virtuoso, the heart of a poet, and the taste of a Berklee music scholar. Unfortunately Experiment F13's body also contains the brain of a psychotic criminal, which, when not powering his fleet fingers, is prone to drift into unhinged daydreams of murderous rage, making it a really good idea to just keep him playing guitar as quickly and as often as inhumanly possible! Experiment F13 is currently being kept in cold storage while we attempt to control his slightly homicidal tendancies.

Nurse Piper Chordata
tenure: 2012
Specialties: Lab animals and bioengineering, trombone, flute

Rescued from the filthy universities of Paris by Major D. Struction, Nurse Piper proved her worth to the C.O.G. by her amazing ability in quelling the substantial and understandable fears of our test laboratory rats and monkeys. She has since been very helpful in the lab albeit accompanied with a strange but correlatable rise in missing money, personal effects, and small test equipment. Nurse Piper is currently believed to be squirreled away deep within the maze of tunnels beneath the Secret Lab...

Nurse Anne Thrax (Lab Girl 6)
tenure: 2010-2011
Specialties: Radioactive waste, vocals, trombone, ukelele

The latest in a long line of lab girls, Nurse Anne Thrax is known for her glowing personality that LIGHTS up even the darkest room. A long-time devotee of Marie Curie, Nurse Thrax developed her craft sneaking into classes at the Maria Skodowska-Curie Institute of Oncology. Soon bored by the idea that her new found craft would in fact "cure" something, Nurse Thrax turned her sights on her true passion, animals. From her one true love, Sergei Bruyukhonenko, she learned how to keep the cutest of roadkill heads alive (far longer than any previous pet). Anne Thrax set her sights on 'fixing up' recently deceased animals to their owners delight, but was soon run out of all major US cities....with the exception of New Orleans. Turning back to her radioactive gifts, Nurse Thrax learned that her constant exposure at the classes she snuck in on with Marie Curie caused her to have vivid fantasies which have never been experienced by any human before....but she'd like to share that story another time.....

Recently, Anne Thrax has since learned to channel her powers of radioactivity that from her glory days of animal 'disembalming,' into mastering the realms of musical mystery. Developing the trombonoscope and the laser ukelele, she has also been hailed as making prominent steps in the miniaturization of musical weaponry! Nurse Anne Thrax has spent the last year sealed in a lead-lined container while we attempt to determine her half-life...

Nurse Ilsa Von Fooktoffen (Lab Girl 3)
tenure: 2003-2007
Specialties: Fusion energy research, vocals

Before becoming Lab Girl, Nurse Ilsa had been seen hanging out at many of the local labs, scoping out a scientist or two. She was always at the latest lectures, picking up the tab... or just standing there admiring the view. Nurse Ilsa, who may or may not have been working covertly for a top secret outside organization, was able to survive for three and a half years in the C.O.G. lab, leveraging their incredible resources to conduct high-energy physics research of which only Dr. Pinkerton had the slightest grasp. Becoming increasingly frustrated with Pinkerton's temper, she faked her own death and substituted Nurse Trixie, a spy, who was able to hijack the Time Door in an unsuccessful attempt to complete her mission of killing Dr. Pinkerton's grandfather. Nurse Ilsa is believed to be in control of a secret government project at this time, but attempts to contact her have proven unsuccessful...

The REAL Dr. A. Pentatonic
tenure: 2001-2004
Specialties: Chemical Bio-Self-Reengineering, guitar, vocals

Dr. A. Pentatonic was an innocent young professor at Kerville College, searching for a way to unlock the hidden strengths that all humans have. But an accidental overdose of Formula YYZ altered his body chemistry... and now, whenever Dr. A. grows angry or outraged, a startling metamorphosis occurs. No, wait, that's the Incredible Hulk... At any rate, Dr. A slouched in, around, and under the lab for years, until an untimely encounter with 'Darth Inscrutable', the Six Stringed Sith, left him stranded in The Future (or at a low budget sci-fi convention, we're still not sure which!)

The FAKE Dr. A. Pentatonic
tenure: 1998-2000
Specialties: Tobacco, Drugs, and Firearms, guitar, vocals

Antonioni Pentatonicci emerged from the mean streets of Brooklyn with a chip† on his shoulder, a 44 in his holster, and a six-string at his side. After breaking into a guitar solo during a bloody gang war, he was kicked out of the 'family' and squandered several years travelling the world, illegally amassing one of the greatest guitar collections ever seen. While masquerading as a doctor, he met up with the Consortium of Genius at a lecture in one of the seediest laboratories on the lower east side. Having adroitly disposed of the REAL Dr. A. Pentatonic early in 1999, he spent the next two years attempting to depose Dr. Pinkerton and take over the C.O.G.!

Dr. Wolfgang Amadeus Wissenschaft
tenure: 1996-1998
Specialties: Extreme Science with a Bad German Accent, guitar, vocals

Following a year helping Dr. Pinkerton construct the original Secret Lab, Dr. Wissenschaft was rapidly becoming an expert in the field of Psycho-Analysis (even earning the Illustrious Diploma in the process), when he vanished without a trace into the frozen northern wastes. Rumors of the nature of his disappearance range from insanity to abduction by a yeti. Forays into the arctic regions to save him have been met only with chilling wind, bitter snowstorms, and fierce Viking raiding parties. I mean, nobody throws a party as fierce as the Viking raiders...
NEWS FLASH!!! Dr. Wissenshaft has been spotted recently in the vicinity of the Florida Everglades, muttering something about recapturing Elvis.

Dr. Cornelius Smerlington
tenure: 1996-1997
Specialties: Overwrought Conscience, bass, vocals

Dr. Cornelius Smerlington joined the original Consortium with a impeccable credentials to his name, and The Prestigious Gold Medal dangling from his neck. The estimable Dr. Smerlington was becoming a leading luminary in the scientific arts when he unexpectedly vanished while standing near The Time Door. Since then he has reappeared several times, fighting to uphold his low frequency supremacy, only to disappear again when victory seems easily in his grasp. Current C.O.G. theory points to him being on a top secret mission to infiltrate the United States Government...

Dr. R. Mondo Payne
appeared in lectures 64, 76, and TV episode 3
Specialties: Being an Insane Pain in the Brain, guitar, vocals

Hailing from the local Terror Infirmary, this neuro-surgeon (gone mad from experimentation with the human pain threshold) first encountered the C.O.G. at an after-lecture Science Party. He has periodically resurfaced to assist the C.O.G. by providing an endless supply of human brains for dissection, analysis, training pet zombies, and delivering frozen confectionary. This brilliant but misguided individual had been attempting to gauge how much pain he could simultaneously give and receive at the same time... leading colleagues to postulate just how long Dr. Payne could escape the icy touch of DEATH!

Dr. Procyon Lotor
tenure: 1996-today
Specialties: Animation of Living, Dead, and Painted Flesh

Most associates of the Consortium of Genius are either flesh & blood or metal & plastic... except this one, who is ink & paint! In fact, Dr. Procyon Lotor is, to date, the only known scientist to have ever achieved (and survived) a successful human-to-toon brain transplant. One of the original founding members of the Consortium of Genius, the shadowy and mysterious Dr. Procyon also happens to be both the father and mother of Drumbot, as well as designer of every C.O.G. album cover to date!

Behold the rogue's gallery of rapscallions who dared to challenge the C.O.G.!

Dr. Milo R. Pinkerton I
appeared in lectures #130-132, 135

By the early decades of the 20th Century, Dr. Milo R. Pinkerton I had amassed a small army of cutthroats, mercenaries, and musicians and, by 1920, had not only established his reputation as a world class jazz crooner, but had also made serious inroads into actual World Conquest! Operating from a hidden Antarctic base, the mighty Dr. Pinkerton I would have actually succeeded in his bid for global mental domination, but for the press memo mistyped by his personal valet, Norbert T. Snodgrass. Dr. Pinkerton I is still alive today and actively resents his grandson's continued inability to achieve his evil ends...

Zarglar Blinks
appeared in lectures #20, 21, 70-72, 78, 91, 95

Zarglar Blinks is the chairman and chief marketing director of the Galactic League of Ultimate Evil. He claims a complete lack of responsibility for that unfortunate acronym and has been annoying the Consortium via interplanetary video for the past several months. Recently he attempted to steal the Consortium of Genius's inventions by invading the lecture hall personally. This potential problem was allieviated when it was revealed that Zarglar is less than three feet tall, and thus easily subdued by the Sonic Mind Probe. Abandoned by his space fleet on the comparatively primative planet Earth, Zarglar later went on to a post-career series of cameos on game shows such as 'Scientific American Idol'.

Krazed Archer
appeared in lectures #1, 5-18, 20, 21, 70-72, 78

Precious little is known about the man we have taken to calling 'Krazed Archer.' The Consortium learned of his tragic, yet strangely hilarious story when he was plucked from his own century by The Time Door. He lived during the tenth century, and seems to have been a soldier, mercenary, or more likely, a raving lunatic. During the course of a pitched battle, he had his left eye shot out by an arrow, which either pushed him over the edge into insanity, or just got him mad. He then proceeded to kill everyone around him. We do not know of anything that happened to him afterward**, except that for some reason, every time we tried to revisit what we know as the tenth century, the Time Door identified it as '1013 A.D.' and inflicted upon us another visit by the Krazed Archer. The tenth century has therefore been placed OFF-LIMITS until a the problematic time-circuit can be repaired!

Darth Inscrutable
appeared in lectures 79-80

Darth Inscrutable was sent by the Evil Emperor to steal that most prized invention of the C.O.G. - THE TIME DOOR. Arriving at the C.O.G. Secret Lab, Darth Inscrutable proceeded to dispose of Dr. A Pentatonic, then ransacked the lab searching for THE TIME DOOR. Not finding it, he infiltrated the C.O.G. onstage, disguised as 'Doctor Inscrutable', and almost rocked the C.O.G. into submission, before Dr. Z got wise to the subterfuge and engaged him in a fierce guitar-sabre battle! Dr. Z repelled the vicious attack with his 'fleas of 1000 camels' move. Darth Inscrutable was subsequently fired from the Empire and has since been seen loitering around various seedy cantinas in Mos Espa, Mos Eisley, and Fat City.

The Brain Being
appeared in lectures 2-7, 9-20

Little is known about the "Brain Guy (Girl? Thing? Entity?)" except that he (she? it? them? co? tey?) hails from the 30th century, where, through fate, accident, or happenstance, there are no more M.C.'s... only D.J.'s!!! (horror!). Also, for some reason, he/she/it seemed to recognize Dr. Pinkerton. Whether this is a sign of eventual world domination by the C.O.G. or simply a case of mistaken identity remains to be seen...

Yngwie Flattstein
appeared in lectures 23, 24, 32, 33, 64, 70-72, 76, 78, 91, 95, 110 and TV episode 1

Plucked from his native time-stream (Fat City, 1986) Yngwie Flattstein, World Genius of Heavy Metal, was brought forward in time to challenge Filbert in a contest of six string superiority. Unfortunately for him, Filbert knew a guitar lick from 1987! There was nothing left to do but for Pentatonic to use the Mezmoronic Ray on Yngwie and blast him into his particulate atoms.
We later corrected this temporal aberration by retrieving Yngwie Flattstein from a time period before his abduction. Unfortunately, he had to be re-schooled in the same guitar methodology that he himself had subsequently invented, but fortunately we were able to re-educate him, utilizing his own series of instructional videos entitled 'Fat City Guitar Technique, vol. 1-13'.
Yngwie went on to win a prestigeous guitar competition that same week!
Since that time, Yngwie has drifted in and out of notoriety and alcoholism, finally surfacing at the Sharon Osborne Clinic in a desperate attempt to clean up his act. After swearing off metal and alcohol forever, Yngwie appeared in a triumphant solo appearance in New Orleans to kick off a world tour, and immediately fell off the wagon shortly before being beaten up and kicked off the stage by Crowbar. Yngwie Flattstein's current whereabouts are unknown...

Damien Storm
appeared in lectures 32, 33, 34, 70-72, 78

Proprietor of 1987's best Heavy Metal Ice Cream Shop, Damien Storm, disguised as the Angel of Death, concocted some of the most evil flavors of frozen confectionary ever churned. When Dr. 'A' became possessed by the real Angel of Death and tried to kill Dr. Pinkerton, it was only though the infusion of a massive amount of 'frozen evil fudge' ice cream that Dr. 'A' was able to come to his senseless senses. A master of disguises, Damien Storm later appeared as Dr. Vulcan and began mercilessly experimenting upon our own audience!

Elvis Delarge
appeared in lecture 100

Dr. Pinkerton's evil plot to rewrite rock history by substituting a hardened criminal from the future for Elvis Presley in 1958 backfired when the twisted hooligan was re-exposed to the music of Ludwig Van Beethoven and reverted back to his bad old self. After a great set of classic hits, Elvis Delarge emerged at the end of Dr. Pinkerton's lecture to deliver a great set of classic kicks and punches to the hapless scientist.

Giant Roach
appeared in lecture 119

Using his Enlarge-O-Tron invention, Dr. Pinkerton attempted to magnify one of New Orleans' most prolific natural resources, the common cockroach, into a giant force of terror! Instead of growing to 300' as planned, however, the roach only grew to 10' in size before the device's batteries ran out. The roach then proceeded to party with the crowd and enjoy the music instead of wreaking havoc. (Perhaps next time we'll magnify a mosquito instead... or a nutria - yeah that would really be horrible wouldn't it?! Bwahahahahahahaaaa)

The Angry Fairy
appeared in lectures 84-86, 87-89, 94, 100-102, 109 and TV episode #3

A supernatural guardian of Stonehenge, this diminutive warrior was highly miffed by Dr. Pinkerton's attempt to split open the Earth by focusing a lazer on the ancient monument. Following the advice of the ska band 'Fatter Than Albert', she invaded the C.O.G. Secret Lab and managed to plug Dr. Pinkerton's microphone into an electrical outlet, frying Pinkerton during an attack by the archdemon Blarney. She has reappeared whenever the name of Stonehenge has been invoked...

Horn Zombies
appeared in lecture 82 and TV episode #1

Created by Dr. A Rachnid from the decaying remains of the C.O.G.'s opening act 'Egg Yolk Jubilee', these brain-hungry brass-blowing pests plagued the stage, munching on audience members until being given something to occupy what was left of their minds!

The Evil One
It's impossible to write a bio of an anthropomorphic manifestation of a metaphysical conceptualization, so we're not even going to try. So there.

* with a giant robotic comblike device
† intel Pentium 133
‡ by getting him a cold cup of burned coffee
** The Archer also speaks of a fierce, savage beast called 'Rabbid.' Whether this is the product of delusion or an actual animal is still under debate, as no known specimen or fossil remains have been discovered to date. However, the legends of the creature, coupled with the Archer's "eye-witless account", tend to point to this creature's proverbial existence.