Deep within their secret lair, a cabal of mad scientists and one smart-alecky robot are hatching an evil plot:

It's a NERD ROCK TAKEOVER. The Consortium of Genius are an industrial-strength powerhouse featuring four cerebral miscreants who jolt their audience into staggering submission. The resulting evil brainchild is part musical showcase, part sketch comedy, and all hi-tech magic!

The Consortium of Genius also host a retro-videogame competition event called Nintendo Nite. This event is available for booking as well by request!

C.O.G. debuted at a science fiction con (N.O.S.F.F.F.'96) and have gone on to perform at many large and small fannish events through the years: Dragon*Con (1998 and 2006), CoastCon (2001 and 2011), BabelCon (2008 2009), New Orleans Worst Film Festival (1998), Exoticon (2000), The House of Shock (2001-today), Fear Fest (2007), Ancient City Con (2010), Wizard World Comic Con (2011, 2012), Nerdapalooza (2011), Marscon (2012), Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus (2011, 2012, 2015), World Steam Expo (2012), Contraflow (2012, 2013), Pensacon (2014), and NOLA Time Fest (2013, 2015), a convention co-launched by the Consortium of Genius itself!

The group regularly tops the nerd-rock charts, with eight songs to date aired by 'Dr. Demento' on his national radio show and a #1 single for 20 straight weeks on the Mad Music Archive with 'They Said I Was Mad'.

The Consortium of Genius have released four CD's to date: "Free Brains and Dead Bodies" (2000), "In C.O.G. We Trust" (2004) 'Music For Supervillains' (2010), featuring a tie-in comic book as well as such guest stars as bassist Sean Yseult of White Zombie and Matt Bruson of Kingom of Sorrow/Crowbar, and Strange Transmissions From Uranus" (2015), an entire album of favorite covers performed by the group. C.O.G.'s first DVD, "History of Future Civilization" (2003), is a compilation of the group's video output from 1997-2003, including concert footage, music videos, commercials, and their award winning short film 'C.O.G. vs. the Phantom.' The C.O.G. are currently working on their next DVD, as well as production of their self-titled TV show, while they pursue a network contract to produce the show professionally. Meanwhile, the C.O.G. are also the subject of a self-titled online webcomic, readable at

"The music is raucous and irreverent, and fun to listen to as the video and light show dazzles your eyez. Sexy lab assistants in short white lab coats. Science. Technology. World domination. Everything you could ever expect from the term 'rock show.' Best show ever performed in the universe." - The Charming Prince blog

The Consortium of Genius has a custom setlist for fannish events that includes crowd-pleasing rock renditions of the best TV and movie themes, including:

Buckaroo Banzai
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Doctor Who
Imperial March (Empire Strikes Back)
Flash Gordon (Queen)
The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
The Fox Fanfare
Stonehenge (Spinal Tap)
Weird Science
...and more to debut soon!

To book The Consortium of Genius,Contact Lewis D'Aubin

or email for more information.

The group's website is located here:

Or write to:

P.O. Box 23471
New Orleans, LA 70123-0471

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